From the plan to the printed page …

VIP4 delivers a fully integrated digital solution to magazine and book production. Packed with innovative, problem-solving features, it provides a secure, one-stop production base for every step of the publishing process between page creation and the printers. With real-time digital dummies, soft and hard proofing, drag and drop functionality and a truly collaborative, team-wide interface, VIP4 is the greatest leap forward in publishing production since we binned the scissors and sticky tape.

Feature List

Produce Beautiful Digital Magazines

Introducing VIP's sister product; Bison. Bison is a revolutionary digital magazine concept that gives users a full interactive experience simply and effectively. Bison allows users to provide a much richer dynamic media experience without the time and labour costs of more complex solutions. Bison enables a best of both worlds of simple production and rich content.

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Collaborative Planning

Cut costs, reduce meeting times and enjoy the benefit of your entire team’s professional expertise, every second that they’re on-line. VIP provides a truly collaborative environment where end users in multiple locations can share suggestions and view revisions in real-time.

Shared Notes

Press deadlines, must-read instructions, last minute notes – communicate key information about your publication to the entire team with Shared Notes. This easy to use text based writing and editing tool enables authorised users to quickly compose and style memos that are instantly readable by every flatplan viewer.

Drag and Drop

Traditionally, moving one item on a flatplan has meant unpicking everything, reassembling it and redistributing around the office. But drop a stitch with VIP and you won’t have to knit the whole jumper again. With your flatplan hosted on-line in a single secure location, multiple users can simply drag and drop content around the plan. The results can be shared by everyone without delay, and updated again and again.

Feature movement

VIP’s “drag and drop” interface comes into its own with the indispensible feature movement tool. Now, multiple pages can be repositioned on your flatplan as a single stack.

Live Statistics

VIP's live statistics takes number juggling in it's stride and means you'll never drop the ball. Keeping a track on advert totals, editorial totals and more, statistics allows the whole team to assess at a glance the status of the flatplan and avoid nasty surprises when deadlines loom.

Duplicate Flatplan

VIP4 makes building and refining the flatplan quick and easy. With duplicate flatplan you can carbon copy any flatplan in seconds so you'll have a head start when new issues begin.

Auto Re-folioing

Every page in a VIP flatplan is allotted a unique digital code. When you want to reposition pages or features, the software recognizes that code, acknowledges your changes and actions an auto refolio throughout your publication. The more you move, the more you’ll love this function.

Print Flatplan

VIP's live online flatplan makes printing paper copies a thing of the past. VIP is always available to the team and changes are broadcast instantly. However if you're on the move and can't reach the internet the print flatplan feature is at hand. Allowing export to friendly PDF format you can email or print a pin sharp rendition of the flatplan viewable on the train or plane, any day, any time.

Indesign Plug-in Integration

Why leave the comfort of Indesign when delivering pages? With VIP you don't have to. Seamless Indesign integration in both Mac and PC platforms means a page can be sent to the flatplan in a mouse click. No need for fiddly uploads or wondering if pages have arrived, sending pages is designed to be simple and stress free.

View Filtering

The better your overview, the smoother the production process. Our elegant and comprehensive view filtering options let you see things from every angle, with instant page status at the click of a mouse.

Section Management

VIP4 allows for crystal clear section marking on your flatplan. As your printer’s deadlines approach, you can monitor and manage each section as required with this invaluable view filter.

Asset Management

In the world of on-line content and international syndication, asset management is crucial. We offer a secure centralized website where your images, DTP and PDF files can be managed and accessed easily and in one location.


Our pre-flight tool is like having an extra proof reader on staff. One who never sleeps. As each page arrives in the system, pre-flight automatically scans it for problems like out-of-place low-res images or RGB files. When a problem is highlighted, the user is alerted and the page flagged for further attention.

Upload PDF

Need to send PDF files straight to VIP4? With the PDF Upload feature you can quickly and easily deliver one or one hundred PDF's to the clipboard ready for placement. With VIP4's industrial strength preflight check applied to every PDF on arrival you can be confident that what you see is what will print.

Collections Centre

Whether your final destination be web or print, VIP4's collections area allows you to list, organise and collect multiple PDF files in preparation for dispatch. And with integrated email notification anyone can be made eligible to download pages in a mouse click making delivery seamless.

Live Offsite Backup

Disater recovery plans are never easy and they are almost always costly. Not anymore! Relax, safe in the knowledge that VIP4 automatically backs up every piece of data delivered into the system. From images and indesign documents right through to final proofs – it’s all just magically backed up – making any disaster recovery fast, pain-free and easy on the wallet.