Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the VIP software?

This list is our attempt to answer them all!

A: Yes you can by using the Edit Text feature. To write text inside any advert or editorial marker click the bottom drop down arrow and select Edit Text. Write the text you want and click save to put that text into your marker.
A: Yes. Click the Export as PDF button and select your page size, scale size and orientation. The resulting PDF can then be printed or emailed.
A: When a page is moved around the flatplan and then refolioed we create a new PDF. However we store the assets related to that page in our database using a unique reference number (URN). Once a page lands on the system the URN is attached to that page and all its related assets regardless of its final position in the flatplan and eventual folio number. This means the correct PDF is always dispatched to the printer. A new URN is only created if the page is sent down from indesign again.
A: Yes. From the Proof Launcher view click the Download Assets button. This will download the indesign document and all related images for the page to your desktop. You can then make any changes and send the page again should you wish.
A: The only time the system will prevent you from inserting pages is if there are pages on Sent status after the insertion. This is an illegal move as the pages are already with the printer with a folio number. If you wish to insert pages in this scenario please email Product Support.
A: Yes. To write any information that applies to the flatplan you can use the Shared Notes area (below the Clipboard Tab). Click the Open In Editor button found at the bottom of the panel then enter the text you want. The information can then be viewed by all members in your team.
A: To track uploaded images go to the main flatplan view and click the image library button. Select the uploaded images button to see a list of all images uploaded by folder.
A: Yes. Click the Refolio All button found at the top of the dropdown. You can select to refolio All pages on the flatplan or by section (provided you have entered print sections in advance).
A: The easiest way to mark instructions is to create a new layer in Indesign. This can then be used to write any comments using normal indesign text boxes. Then when you send to VIP you document goes along with your images and the VIP production team have everything they need.
A: VIP4 is a permission based system. It may be that you do not have sufficient access privileges to see certain buttons and use the features they provide. Please contact the VIP4 Product Support team to discuss any privilege questions you have.